Exceline Paints

Waterbased Road Marking Paint

Exceline's Road Marking Paint has been formulated to provide outstanding durability for long term use in a number of different areas.

Exceline Paint has been used to mark highways, local roads, curbs, and parking lots and is qualified by the New Jersey Department of Trnsportation (NJDOT) for use in state sponsored projects.

Exceline's Road Marking Paint is environmentally friendly. It contains minimal VOC's and is 100% lead and heavy metal free.

Exceline's Road Marking Paint is designed to provide excellent brightness over long periods of time. Exceline is fast drying and can be applied at temperatures as low as 50oF.

Unlike most standard traffic paints that remain viable for less than a year, Exceline's product is designed to provide two years of use, leading to overall cost savings for private contractors and public municipalities.

Exceline's Road Marking Paint conforms to government specification TT-P-1952D Type II.

Exceline Road Marking Paints are available in white, yellow, and black colors. It can be supplied in 5 gallon or 55 gallon pails as well as 250 gallon containers.

Typical Properties

Viscosity 85KU
Ph 10.02
Density 14.0 lbs/gal
Pigment 60%
Solids, % by volume 65%
Total Solids 78%
VOC <100 g/l
Hegman Grind 4
Contrast Ratio 85.9%
Reflectance 92.8
High Humidity Dry 120 minutes
No Pickup Dry 2 minutes
Scrub Resistance 810 cycles
Bleed 99.52% 120 minutes