Exceline Paints

Exceline Paints manufactures the greenest and most environmentally safe paints and coatings available today. Most Exceline Paint products contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and zero hazardous air pollutants (HAP's), which are the harsh chemicals responsible for polluting the air and reducing the air quality in the surrounding area.
Zero-VOC paints are completely waterborne and will provide a homeowner and his or her family with a safe and odor free environment whenever they need to paint inside their home. Professionals can be assured that not only is Exceline Zero-VOC paint safe for the painter and those around him, but it is extremely durable and of the highest quality, designed to last many years without fading or flaking away. Our military and industrial line of Zero-VOC paints provide the outstanding corrosion protection, color retention, and chemical resistance to ensure years of service in the field.

Our paints are available in hundreds of colors to meet your needs. Exceline Paint is committed to providing the highest quality and most environmentally friendly products available on the market today.

June 2011 Product News- After successfully completing 3 years of validation testing by the Office of Naval Research, Exceline's Zero VOC Topcoat has been selected for a shipboard demo. The product, designated for use as a topside coating, will be applied at the end of June.  Photos of the demonstration will be forthcoming.   

January 2011 Product News- Exceline's Zero VOC Single Coat and Zero VOC Topcoat have now completed 3 years of validation testing by the Office of Naval Research, only one of five environmentally friendly coatings produced worldwide that have been able to pass this phase of the testing.

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