Exceline Paints

Exceline Exterior Primer

Exceline's Zero-VOC Exterior Primer is designed to provide the highest hiding and adhesion to a number of different surfaces including wood, masonry, brick, metal, concrete and other previously painted surfaces. The Exterior Primer will help the paint maintain it's gloss and color quality for long periods of exposure to the outdoor elements. Exceline's Zero-VOC Exterior Primer provides the following benefits:

Exceline's Exterior Primer is available in two grades. The RP Grade is designed for end users who wish to apply by brush or roller. SG Grade is designed to provide the optimal viscosity for use in spray equipment for large jobs. Exceline's interior Primer is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities. To order the Exceline Interior Primer please call (973)994-4334 or email orders to orders@primercoating.com. If responding via email please wait 24 hours for price and order information.