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Exceline Exterior Paint

Exceline's Zero-VOC Exterior Paint provides an extremely durable finish that has been developed to withstand the effects of the outdoor elements such as UV exposure, rain, snow, and low and high temperatures. Color quality and gloss are maintained for long periods of time. Exceline's Exterior paint can be used on a number of primed surfaces including wood, concrete, brick, vinyl siding, and metal. Exceline's Exterior Paints are all Eco-friendly, containing no solvents or hazardous chemicals that can cause harm to the painter or the surrounding environment. Zero-VOC Exterior Paint provides the following benefits:

Exceline's Exterior Paint is available in three finishes.

Flat- This is a non-shiny finish that deflects light. Flat finishes provide excellent hiding of imperfections. Flat finishes are a popular exterior choice for older homes looking for an updated and new look.

Semi-Gloss- These low luster paints will help draw attention to the painted area, providing a richer and deeper tone than flat painted surfaces. Semi-gloss coatings provide excellent cleaning capabilities and are a popular choice for many homeowners.
Gloss- This is the shiniest sheen available and best used to highlight small outdoor areas such as windows and doors. Gloss paints provide the highest durability are and often used to accent certain parts of a home.

Exceline's Exterior Paint can be applied by brush, roller, or spray application. It is completely waterborne and all equipment an be cleaned with regular tap water. Exceline's Exterior Paint is available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities. To order the Exceline Exterior Paint please call (973)994-4334 or email orders to orders@primercoating.com. If responding via email please wait 24 hours for price and order information.